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Jindřich Štreit – village people

I guess there is something to be said about wanting things and not having them. With no possibility of ever achieving your perfect state, your options become limitless. So much creativity is lost by having access to readymade things. This is palpable in today’s society. A loss of creativity is plaguing today. Imagination had to suffer for our comfort.
Artists the very people in charge of inspiration are failing society. I wonder if this feeling was felt throughout history… All these thoughts came to me while looking at Jindřich Štreit’s photographs. He realized early on where the true creativity was… in the village where physical life is so entangled with the metaphysical that it is hard to tell them apart. Where animals look like spirits from another dimension, where TV brings people together and alcohol is used as a social lubricant. I wander how did he knew to photograph these things, how did he get the feeling that this was important. He must have had a grand vision of the future.. Maybe more like an instinct… What great art and what a fantastic artist! Thank you @thomas.gust and where the book is available.

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