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Ovidiu Gordan is an independent visual artist and photographer from Romania. He lives and works in the small town of Simleu Silvaniei, Romania.


2008-2011 Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Art and Design, Cluj–Napoca. Bachelor Degree in Photography – Video and Image Processing

Selected activity:

2009 solo exhibition „Remains” at The Museum of History and Art Zalau, Romania.

2009 color slide show „Nothing Special” at the Student House of Culture Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

2011 solo exhibition „Noi” at The Soimi Patriei Gallery Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

2011 alumni group exhibition University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

2012 group exhibition „Common Endeavor” at Lateral Art Space, Paint Brush Factory, Cluj-Napoca.

2013 organized “Art talks Flacara” Cluj-Napoca, Romania - http://artflacara.blogspot.ro/

2015 group exhibition “#viennaintransylvania” at Atelier Patru Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2018 the independent publishing of his first photography book "Familiar Place"